July 19 Virtual Brimfield Week vs. Real Brimfield

From last Tuesday, July 14 till today, we kept busy with participating as a dealer in The Brimfield Show’s second virtual Brimfield week. The first took place in May when the real Brimfield Flea Market was cancelled due to COVID-19, the pandemic which we are all living through. For over 20 years, I have religiously attended Brimfield as a buyer. It is an experience like no other. The past five years Bruce and I have attended in May, July, and September – looking for unique items for our home, more trunks to refinish, railroad memorabilia, unique items to repurpose, and sometimes coming home with complete surprises. With our current situation and not being able to have large gatherings, this seemed to be the next best thing, to sign up for the virtual version. I tip my hat to the organizers, very well done and a learning experience on how social media works for a small business like ours.

We look forward to getting back to the real Brimfield, to walking the dozen fields, filled with unique antiques and vintage items. We look forward to eating a Pilgrim Sandwich or some hand cut fries and a delicious fresh lemonade. We miss seeing some of the regular dealers, striking up conversations about trains, trunks, furniture, art, oriental rugs, pottery, with folks that share the same passion of appreciating our history through the unique items we are drawn to collect.

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