August 9 – Sandblasting, Textile Boat Shuttles, and Estate Sale

On the docket for the week was helping a friend sandblast his pick up – we were delayed a few days, but it all came together yesterday and today. Fun to see the boys working together, getting things done. With sand all over the place, I kept my distance. See the photos of men at work.

I love a productive week, and that is what the first week in August gave us. I learned to rivet with Bruce, helping repair a little boo boo that happened when he was gutting the Argosy. The temps were high here in Western Mass this week, but that didn’t stop us from keeping busy here at Blue Caboose Station. I continued to organize my side of the shop – boxing up some items we sold on Ebay and Etsy. So sweet that we sold an all original 1880’s dome top trunk to a gentleman in Oregon, who purchased the trunk for his sweetheart as an anniversary gift. See photo with his special note to her. I do love a nice romance!!

We visited a local business that was established in 1925 that is going out of business, and finally are closing their doors. They made braided rugs and were a family run business – great story of their history. (Thorndike Mills Rugs) Of course we came home with some nice treasures. I am now in the wood shuttle business – offering cleaned up vintage textile shuttles as candle holders and potpourri bowls. They are so pretty!!

And last but not least, I am conducting an estate sale for a lovely woman here in Western MA – some nice oriental rugs, assorted art works, sculptures, dishes, etc. Stay tuned for more details about that.

Have a great week,

Be well, Kaye and Bruce

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