August 16 – Sierra, Rocky, and Blue Caboose Station

Over the past few years, I often have had the thought pop into my head of writing a story book for children about the adventures of Rocky and Sierra and their daily escapades here at Blue Caboose Station. The book would focus on friendship, sharing, playing, and living with humans from the perspective of the dogs. One of these days, I will get to that book, but for keeping things short and simple, here is a brief few paragraphs about the two, and their endearing friendship and the love we have for both of them. First of all, let me introduce you to them. Sierra is a five plus year old yellow lab mix from Texas, who Bruce rescued when she was about 9 months old. Their bond is so strong and she does not go far from his side. Rocky is a 3.5 year old Portuguese Water Dog from Ohio. He came from a friend who is a breeder and I was so excited when I decided to get him at 11 weeks. He is stubborn, smart, super friendly, faithful, and a goof. He and Sierra have become best friends and spend the day inside and outside together.

They travel from the house to the workshop, over the bridge sometimes, or through the woods back and forth, and back and forth. They love running over to our neighbors, jumping the rock wall, and then running back when we call them. Often they chase the squirrels, and most recently have tried to trap the chipmunk that visits the bird feeder on the deck. They swim in our Puppy Pond, and now let me wipe their feet before they come back into the house. Here are a few pictures of a typical day in their pretty special life. Bruce and I are grateful for the happiness they bring to us, making us laugh. I know they love being a huge part of Blue Caboose Station.

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