I have to admit this is my favorite time of year, not just because it is my birthday month, but it is Mother Nature in her glory. Fall in New England is a true gift. It is a new painting every day – the colors changing, temperatures changing, life always changing. I was grateful for yesterday’s start to the day – my 56th birthday – going on a walk/run with a dear friend – talking about life and snapping photos along the five mile route. I was in my glory.

Life here at Blue Caboose Station is moving along – Caboose #1 looks absolutely amazing, I am sorry to sound so proud, but the truth is Bruce does the most amazing work. He sets his mind to something and it happens. Floors came up, floor was layed – MDO and insulation, done – and electricity – done. Walls are painted, and we picked up the Fir for the walls this morning. I am so excited to see the progress over the next week.

I started working on a large dome top trunk from the 1870’s – it truly is therapy transforming the old trunks to pieces of beauty.

Okay, signing off for the day –

Choo Choo,

Bruce and Kaye

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