August 2 – New Month & New Goals

Happy that August is here – which means sharing the good news we are officially moved out of our storage space and have all our equipment and tools here at the workshop – Blue Caboose Station. It is a huge relief and major stress reducer now that we can concentrate on setting up shop. This does not happen overnight, as with any short term goals, we find it useful to make a list of 3-5 things we want to accomplish in the week – and if we don’t do them all, they overflow to the next week. I have to say, I used my garmin the other day and in a day I walked 7 miles – just with moving items, going up and down stairs, bathroom breaks to the house, and then back again. Feels good to be doing exercise while doing other things I love all at the same time. Finding that happy medium – it’s great. End of the day, my feet are tired.

This past week we cleaned the front of the station – making several trips to the recycling landfill, we listed items on Market Place and got ahead with Ebay and Etsy listings. We found new homes for some of our unique items and researched others that will be for sale soon.

So our goals for the month, Bruce continues working on the Argosy, has sandblasting coming up for a friends pick up truck, he is designing some custom coffee tables and I have pulled three trunks I want to finish in the next two weeks. Landscaping and working on the rock walls is also slated for this month. We are getting there and it feels good – oh and baking chocolate chip cookies of course.

Have a safe and happy week everyone,

Kaye & Bruce @bluecaboosestation

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July 26 – Heat Wave Humidity and Moving & the Argosy Rehab Project

A successful week here at Blue Caboose Station – in terms of moving out of an 8,000 sq. ft storage space we shared with a friend for the past 3 years, and checking off a few other projects on our list. As the saying goes, “you don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to move”. It is so refreshing to finally be totally out – and now we move forward with setting up our shop and finding the right place for each tool and item. I am proud of ourselves as we sold a number of items we didn’t need, and we were able to make a few trips to the dump.

Early in the week Bruce completely finished gutting the insides of the Argosy – a 1974 24′ motor home, where his daughter and finance will reside when they make the move back east. We are excited to have them close by. I have included a few photos of the work, and we will hopefully have an archive of just Argosy work photos soon.

I think it was Tuesday, that I sewed up the panels for the custom trunk we are doing for a family from Norwood. Bruce patiently measured for me and I cut and sewed the pieces. He then, a few days later finished with lining the trunk. It looks fabulous. We used a Waverly blue diamond pattern fabric and it matches the character of the trunk very well. Bruce wire brushed all the rust off the trunk, hand rubbed Watco and we waited patiently between drying times. With this humidity, you have to be real careful with allowing your finish to completely dry.

A new week, end of July and more projects and lists to complete. I hope everyone has a good week. The corn is boiling and the swordfish needs to get on the grill. Cheers Friends, Kaye and Bruce

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July 19 Virtual Brimfield Week vs. Real Brimfield

From last Tuesday, July 14 till today, we kept busy with participating as a dealer in The Brimfield Show’s second virtual Brimfield week. The first took place in May when the real Brimfield Flea Market was cancelled due to COVID-19, the pandemic which we are all living through. For over 20 years, I have religiously attended Brimfield as a buyer. It is an experience like no other. The past five years Bruce and I have attended in May, July, and September – looking for unique items for our home, more trunks to refinish, railroad memorabilia, unique items to repurpose, and sometimes coming home with complete surprises. With our current situation and not being able to have large gatherings, this seemed to be the next best thing, to sign up for the virtual version. I tip my hat to the organizers, very well done and a learning experience on how social media works for a small business like ours.

We look forward to getting back to the real Brimfield, to walking the dozen fields, filled with unique antiques and vintage items. We look forward to eating a Pilgrim Sandwich or some hand cut fries and a delicious fresh lemonade. We miss seeing some of the regular dealers, striking up conversations about trains, trunks, furniture, art, oriental rugs, pottery, with folks that share the same passion of appreciating our history through the unique items we are drawn to collect.

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