I feel that August was just yesterday, then when I look at the calendar and see that we are already at the end of October, I just shake my head. The days have passed quickly and we have been consumed with many projects here at Blue Caboose Station. The 1960’s Trunk Camper, the Avion is still in the garage and will be painted in the next week. After that, all the insides get put together. The lift will be installed after the paint job, and then she will sit on the trunk and get the last finishing touches. It has been a labor of love – Bruce is meticulous and the work shows. I am looking forward to when our Argosy will get back in the shop and have some work started. Here are a couple shots of the inside.

I am very excited that after taking July and September off from setting up at Brimfield, we put our heads together and made the decision to set up for 2023. We are pumped and have begun our planning for finishing up certain projects here in the shop that we will highlight and bring to the show in May. Hints will be coming next month.

This past month we also came across a very nice 1950’s Willys Overland Station Wagon in powder blue. I need to brush up on my driving a stick, but I can’t wait to drive this beauty around town and to the local flea markets. Needs a little tweaking here and there.

New month coming, but can’t say enough of how October was just spectacular. The leaves on the trees did not disappoint. Even now, still the colors are so magnificent. Check back soon for another post of happenings in November. Be well and keep on keeping on.

Choo Choo,

Kaye & Bruce

Unbelievable that our last post was over a year ago. And in that year, many things have happened here at Blue Caboose Station. We jumped head first into doing Brimfield in real life in September of 2021 – it was fantastic. We went back in May 2022 and also had a successful show. Lots and lots of hard work, but we accomplished our goal and did it twice. For now, due to full time job, we are taking a break from the July show and just selling out of the shop by appointment and listing items on Craigs List and Market Place.

Covid is still a major concern. Thankfully we have been healthy but still tough always not knowing if by chance we might get sick.

So what is new here a Blue Caboose? We recently accquired 20 vintage bumper cars from a trailer park in NH. They are pretty awesome and I know Bruce will work his magic on them. Stay tuned for some updates there. Here are some fresh photos from recent items we are working on. Thanks for the follows on IG and Facebook. If ever in the area, please give us a call and stop on by.

Be well. Choo, Choo,

Kaye & Bruce

April Showers Bring May Flowers

A new season here at Blue Caboose Station, spring. A favorite time of year for many, new beginnings and flowers blooming. The Pandemic has slowed many things here in our area of Western Massachusetts but little by little, things are getting better. I had my second vaccine last week and am grateful for that. Bruce will have his this week. Rocky and Sierra continue chasing the squirrels and keep me company during the day while Bruce has had some work up at a local airport.

So…projects for the spring…the Ford has a new transmission and a steering box. I am hopeful I will be driving it in due time. Trunks, and more trunks, they continue to keep us both busy as well as some furniture restoration for a nice family in Amherst. But how can I forget our adventures in Somers, CT. One trip turned into two, then three, and we might be at four trips now. Such cool treasures from a childhood friend’s wife’s brother who passed. He restored Model A’s and had a keen eye for antiques and special items. I love adding needed items to our workshop. We now have a very cool Blast Cabinet that I learned to use last week, always fun learning to use new tools. A trunk and some old suitcases came home with us as well as over a dozen Model A rims – hoping to make them into cool tables. More photos to follow of those items.

Thanks for staying on track at Blue Caboose Station.

Choo, Choo,

Bruce and Kaye