April Showers Bring May Flowers

A new season here at Blue Caboose Station, spring. A favorite time of year for many, new beginnings and flowers blooming. The Pandemic has slowed many things here in our area of Western Massachusetts but little by little, things are getting better. I had my second vaccine last week and am grateful for that. Bruce will have his this week. Rocky and Sierra continue chasing the squirrels and keep me company during the day while Bruce has had some work up at a local airport.

So…projects for the spring…the Ford has a new transmission and a steering box. I am hopeful I will be driving it in due time. Trunks, and more trunks, they continue to keep us both busy as well as some furniture restoration for a nice family in Amherst. But how can I forget our adventures in Somers, CT. One trip turned into two, then three, and we might be at four trips now. Such cool treasures from a childhood friend’s wife’s brother who passed. He restored Model A’s and had a keen eye for antiques and special items. I love adding needed items to our workshop. We now have a very cool Blast Cabinet that I learned to use last week, always fun learning to use new tools. A trunk and some old suitcases came home with us as well as over a dozen Model A rims – hoping to make them into cool tables. More photos to follow of those items.

Thanks for staying on track at Blue Caboose Station.

Choo, Choo,

Bruce and Kaye