January 24, 2021 – More light during the day

I know a common theme of my posts is about how fast time if passing. Yesterday my daughter turned 20. I will never forget when I was 17 and my own mother told me how fast time will fly when I am a parent. Her words are so true. And at Blue Caboose Station things are moving at a little brisker pace. More trunks have been listed in our Etsy shop, among them a gorgeous brass button Civil War Era flat top. This trunk is unusual in that it is extremely heavy and the leather handles are something in my 25 years of trunking, I have never seen.

Bruce is finishing up the dragline cases. He took an original double case and split it in two. He refinished the wood cabinets and wowza, they look terrific. We wanted to be able to ship them more economically, and so decided to do the split. They will be added to the Etsy site soon.

Yesterday we came home from a picker’s dream – a Model A car enthusiast and his collection of signs, car memorabilia, antique furniture, and so many cool things. Due to the fact we did not win Powerball or Megamillions, we stuck within our budget and came home with a small trunk, some Ford Shirts, cast iron door stops, and a very cool extra large brass boxing bell. Coming soon to the shop.

Enjoy the last days of January and our hope is you and yours are staying healthy during this pandemic. Days are getting longer, nights are lighter, things will begin to get better.

Choo choo,

Kaye and Bruce

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August 2 – New Month & New Goals

Happy that August is here – which means sharing the good news we are officially moved out of our storage space and have all our equipment and tools here at the workshop – Blue Caboose Station. It is a huge relief and major stress reducer now that we can concentrate on setting up shop. This does not happen overnight, as with any short term goals, we find it useful to make a list of 3-5 things we want to accomplish in the week – and if we don’t do them all, they overflow to the next week. I have to say, I used my garmin the other day and in a day I walked 7 miles – just with moving items, going up and down stairs, bathroom breaks to the house, and then back again. Feels good to be doing exercise while doing other things I love all at the same time. Finding that happy medium – it’s great. End of the day, my feet are tired.

This past week we cleaned the front of the station – making several trips to the recycling landfill, we listed items on Market Place and got ahead with Ebay and Etsy listings. We found new homes for some of our unique items and researched others that will be for sale soon.

So our goals for the month, Bruce continues working on the Argosy, has sandblasting coming up for a friends pick up truck, he is designing some custom coffee tables and I have pulled three trunks I want to finish in the next two weeks. Landscaping and working on the rock walls is also slated for this month. We are getting there and it feels good – oh and baking chocolate chip cookies of course.

Have a safe and happy week everyone,

Kaye & Bruce @bluecaboosestation

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